6.10 - New York, I Love You, XOXO


Well, well, well. The end’s not near, it’s here. Thank you guys for six long years of TV viewing and dissecting, of rejoicing and raging alike. I love all you guys and, because of that, I decided to edit this podcast as minimally as possible and leave you with a movie-length farewell to Gossip Girl. Whether you loved or hated the ending, whether you enjoyed or despised the ride, I think we can all agree that gathering together to discuss both was the best part.

We’ll probably see you around, and you can still tweet us or send comment here or send us asks on our Tumblr, and we will reply. But for now, it does feel like a bittersweet goodbye, and so we are all a little teary-eyed over it.

Now, the first bit of the podcast is just us being ourselves before we begin, and I decided to keep it in just so you guys can get a peek behind the curtain. LOL, because our podcast is so full of bells and whistles, I know. So if you want to get straight to the recap and discussion, just skip to 12:45.

I really hope you all can enjoy our last recorded discussion on our love for Blair, Chuck, Nate and Serena. And, of course, a final appearance from special Gossip Dan – Michael Collado.



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609 - The Revengers


Amber, Katie, Chelsea and I may have lost our sense of self when we lost Jac, but we gained something even more important: our ability to be late no matter what it takes. So, without further ado, here’s the second to last podcast of the Once Greatest Show Of Our Time. Cry and laugh with us, we beg you!


We will squee over Chuck and Blair as per usual, and possibly be nicer to Dan than we have in six years. Amber will admit her Serena hatred. We will pose the eternal question: Nage or Nenny? And is there any way we can get away with neither?


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6.08 - It's Really Complicated


Longest podcast of the season for the best episode of the season. Yeah! Ambuler, Chels, Jac, Katie and I gathered together late Sunday night in order to dissect the equally late Thanksgiving episode of Gossip Girl. Four more major holidays and Serena will (hopefully not) be a June bride!

If you listen, you will hear our extensive feelings re: Dan’s epically horrible love for Serena, as well as how awesome it is to watch him get punched. You will also hear some discussion on just how perfect Chuck and Blair are and whether or not Monkey was abused this week. And, of course, everyone’s favorite topic – Sage.

Bonus: we attempt to go through the list of major characters and give the pros and cons to their being Gossip Girl. Yes, yes, we all know who we think it is… BUT WHAT IF IT’S NOT? Gotta be prepared. It’s like the Zombie Apocalypse, y’all.


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6.07 Save the Last Chance


The five of us gather together once more to gush and moan about “Save the Last Chance.” By now you probably know which of us greatly enjoyed the episode and which of us despised it. We are predictable by now, are we not? But listen anyway! I’ll give you an imaginary cookie if you do. :)


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6.06 - Where The Vile Things Are


In between watching the glorious trainwreck that was Liz & Dick, the five of us finally cobbled together a podcast relating to our 6.06 feels. There is a lot of bile spewed at our (2nd) least favorite couple, so be warned. If you love the genius that is Chate or Blair/Self Repect? JOIN US IN OUR FESTIVAL OF JOY.

Our good friend Jeannette interject a bit, despite having watched a grand total of 4 GG episodes in her life. Props to her.



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6.05 Monstrous Ball


Another episode in which our podcast-dwellers were wildly divided. Some of us thought this was the best episode of the season, some of us thought it was the worst. And some of us thought that it didn’t matter either way because this is the lowest-stakes final season of all time.

Our friend Dede joins us again to mourn/rejoice the loss of Blair and Serena’s friendship, to bitch/not care about the lack of Chuck and Blair sex, to worship/ignore Nate and to hate/hate slightly less the upcoming FIVE WORDS WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR.

Meanwhile, we discuss the possibilities of an Arrow Podcast and Jac & I do the shortest Merlin podcast ever. YAY!


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6.04 Still


There IS a podcast! In which we discuss “Portrait of a Lady Alexander” and manage to post it after most fans have already seen the vast majority of “Monstrous Ball.” Whoops?

Regardless, we persevere and invited our friend Dede to take time out of her birthday festivities to discuss the episode with us. We squee over CB, wonder about Nate and Serena, groan over Dan, and cry about Justin and Selena. You can find all that and more right here!

Enjoy :)


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6.03 podcast


Yay! A podcast that’s up before Sunday? You should be shocked! But what’s even more shocking is that Katie thought the episode was okay for once! And that Tatiana disapproves of something Serena does and actually – gasp – likes Dan’s story line!

In the less shocktastic department? We all love Chuck and Blair and can’t wait for them to have a million babies, and we’re all going to close our eyes and pretend Nate and Serena still have a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting endgame.



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6.02 - high infidelity


The original gang finally gathers once more to delve into the magical world of “High Infidelity.” Some of us are Team Serena and someone else named Amber is Team Blair, but overall we agree that both girls are getting much-needed growth and dealing with important aspects of their relationship. Everyone hates Steven and Sage, but to varying degrees – guess it all depends who liked the filming pictures they saw last week. ;)


I know you’re probably rolling your eyes that the podcast for one episode is coming out the day of the next one, but at least it’s not coming out AFTER! Knowing us, it totally could have happened.


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stephen amell


Amber and I decided to make a mini fake podcast with a guest appearance by Chelsea, because our actual podcast was foiled again by those darned kids who have lives and schedule conflicts.

In the following thirty minutes, we discuss: Amber’s future name change to Amber Amell, Josh Schwartz’s potential misogyny, the shittiness that is Atonement, and how BEAUTIFUL Chuck and Blair and their future wedding/marriage/babies/homes/successes are.



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