Gossip Girl 5.06 Sneak Peeks – Blair’s a Bridezilla and Nate’s a N00b

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Here are two sneak peeks for next Monday’s episode, and it’s about time! First, we have Blair training her bridesmaids-to-be, with minions from all four seasons and … Charlie? Anyone else want to know how Ivy Dickens wrangled an invitation to the boot camp of death?

Second, we have Nate callously being informed through the internet that he is yet another woman’s dirty little secret. Mo’ sex for money, mo’ problems. Am I right?

Blair is being reunited with her minions while Nate is being reunited with the term “cuckold.” Menawhile, Chuck is being trailed by the romantic rival he doesn’t even know he has, and Serena is messing up Dan’s movie deal yet again!¬†Are you excited for Monday yet?


  • At 2011.11.04 14:09, kika said:

    i am bored that nate is the sexcretary of the show, can he get something without sex?

    • At 2011.11.04 22:25, Maddy said:

      Nate is boring to me unless he’s dating or eye-sexing with S, B, D or C. I don’t like Blair’s outfit, but her Queen B shenanigans are adorable to me. I love how the blonde minion does a fist pump, lol!

      I’m excited for Monday, though also annoyed because it looks like the father is definitely Louis…

      • At 2011.11.05 20:29, maryl said:

        Okay, I know some people have cracked down on Bridezilla Blair… But that’s our girl. Loved all of it. And Jessica and Penelope are my favourite minions.