Gossip Girl 5.06 Stills – “I Am Number 9″

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Blair walks into her penthouse and  another famous face-off with Chuck. Does he know the truth about her baby yet? Is there even a truth to know, or can CB still not deny their connection despite Blair having a child with another man?

5.06 blair    5.06 blair & chuck

Nate seems to be starting up a new relationship with Serena’s cousin. Is it real, or as fake as Ivy’s identity? We wonder what Diana has to say about it…

5.06 diana & co    5.06 nate & ivy

Find out more of what’s going on when 5.06 airs! In the meantime, check out the rest of the pictures at SpoilerTV.


  • At 2011.10.18 13:51, Smash said:

    I hope this scene will help Blair realize how sorry Chuck is and that he’s building his way up to becoming a better man. Chuck is her Fairytale, I think she knows that but is scared and playing safe with Louis.

    • At 2011.10.19 17:34, Smallville44 said:

      fom what i heard from EOnline thats exactly what going down that he apoligizes for something Big/Epic and no its not for the hotel fiasco but i wonder what he could be apoligizing for if not the hotel maybe the events of 4.20 or 3.22 but i hope this will help chuck seek redemption and eventually lead chuck & Blair Back Together Chuck is Blairs Chairytale as i like to say she just doesnt realize it yet and i think shes playing it safe with Louis because its easier for her and she doesnt want to be hurt by chuck again so she plays it safe with Louis but i think if chuck grows up this season and redeems himself she’ll realize chuck is her destiny