Gossip Girl 5.09 Episode Stills – May Cece Rhodes Save Us All

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Looks like Mrs. Celia Rhodes is back to brighten all our lives in episode 5.09, Rhodes to Perdition. Sounds like this is going to be an episode thst celebrates the van der Woodsens and their family, hmm? Let’s check out the promotional pictures!

ivy serena
The youngest members of this family (whether they be real or fake) are both looking dapper. Wonder why Serena’s dressed like she went as Diana Ross for Halloween?

blair chuck
Are Chuck and Blair charmingly working out their issues in therapy, or has their bitter battle of the exes gone to court?

It is now necessary that we all run through the streets chanting “CECE! CECE! CECE!” Yes?



  • At 2011.11.07 12:06, grace said:

    In my humble opinion, the highlights in this episode will be Cece (in Cece i trust) and Chair apparently in therapy (what?).

    • At 2011.11.07 12:28, kika said:

      i love cece,great to have an ep without the wedding topic as center,i’ll miss eric

      • At 2011.11.14 15:56, Sandrine said:

        Chair and Cece do seem appealing… all episodes need Chair!