Gossip Girl 5.15 Podcast – The Continued Ranting of the GGirlsss and Nate’s Ignorance of Where Lola Got Her Body From

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Welcome to the latest installment of our podcast series, brought to you by Chelsea at nateandserena.com  and a few of us from gossipgirlsss. This week’s episode of Gossip Girl was a new low in our television life, and we consequently discussed all the many different ways we disapproved. But, hey, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about? You can find previous podcasts here or here.

The opinions in this podcast represent those of the people speaking, and are not indicative of the feelings of either site as a whole, or of anyone even remotely connected to the show itself. :)

This week we discussed our thoughts on Dan and Blair’s bedroom etiquette, our unifying desire to do nothing but hug Serena, our surprisingly sudden disinterest in Nate’s newfound semi-love for Lola Rhodes, and the show’s obsession with Chuck vs. “7 Minutes in Heaven (Atavan Halen)”. Do you not get this reference? Is it too old for you? Also, we discussed the non-filming Chelsea ran into on Friday and our hopes and dreams for Vanessa’s future.

 If you have anything you’d us like to discuss in future episodes, or any comments about our comments, tell us below!



  • At 2012.02.18 17:46, Cristauna said:

    OMG you guys are hilarious you guys are honestly the hightlight of watching gossip girl! and chuck’s scarf is named boris cuz It was named Boris in the books :P

    • At 2012.02.18 18:15, Jane Rochester said:

      Thanks so much for explaining! And yay! We’re so glad you enjoy the podcasts – even though they are longer than the episodes themselves, haha. Sorry about that!

    • At 2012.02.18 18:51, Elizabeth said:

      I love that this episode had nothing and you guys managed to entertain me for 50 minutes. I am curious what you guys are going to do next week. Does this mean you have to watch? I’m so sorry.

      • At 2012.02.18 19:32, Jane Rochester said:

        LOL! So glad we entertained you, beloved. I think we’ll probably do something similar to this week and have one podcast where we just get suuuuuper mad, and another one where we actually try to rationalize the show, haha. And, yes, I personally will be watching every episode this season. :(

      • At 2012.02.18 19:21, Richelle said:

        the REAL podcast!!! yay!!!!!

        this podcast was very insightful…. a lot of the stories that we have seen are now well sort of making sense because of what you have said like how Serena and Blair swaping roles (though we kind of guessed that) etc.

        Thank you very much for explaining a lot of the stories and roles to what has been happening so far.

        I still think that Joshua Safran needs to be thrown in a cake, fountain or be stuck in an elevator, he is horrible and ruining our beloved and favourite show, everytime he talks on the producers preview I just want to kick him becasue he just takes over and doesnt let the person who is with at the time finish what they are saying its NOT The JOSHUA SAFRAN SHOW, you didnt come up with the idea you are just there to help out…. I really jope that bring back Josh and Stephanie.

        Oh and Chuck’s scarf is named Boris hahahahaha.


        • At 2012.02.18 19:36, Jane Rochester said:

          YAY right back at you. <3 I always, always appreciate your comments so much.

          We have a lot of theories trying to make sense of the show right now; we just hope the show itself puts forth some theories for audience members to hang onto soon, haha. We definitely noticed that S and B have totally switched now, but I’m still not sure what the show is going to do with that information, you know? That’s why I’m hoping I’m at least partially right, and that SB’s friendship can be saved in all this.

          LOL! Poor Safran. I know he’s obviously really excited about his vision for the show, but I’m with you in hoping we can get Schwartz and Savage back to write a few episodes. There was a subtlety and an ART to GG’s story lines and parallels that simply doesn’t exist anymore.

          • At 2012.02.19 22:33, Richelle said:

            just a little question, what happend to the passion of the show… like the love, the sex, the intense chemistry…. we havnt seen any of that since season 4 or until Chuck TRIED to seduce Alessandra last ep…. I miss that ans so has everyone else Im gathering and I think a lot of the viewers would love to see that come back I know I would because it was also a huge part of the show and why we watched it.


            • At 2012.02.20 11:57, Jane Rochester said:

              This is a GREAT question. One of the biggest problems with having 2 of the 3 main male characters in love with one girl who is engaged to a boring drip no one cares about is that … no one’s having any sex! Chuck and Dan pine for Blair, and we never see her with Louis (not that we want to!). And Serena has to pine for Dan in order for the DB side of things to even matter, so SHE doesn’t get any either.

              So what we’re left with is, what? Nate + cougars?

              • At 2012.02.20 17:27, Richelle said:

                It is a bit sad but an interesting way to put the characters at the moment lets have triangles or squares to keep the audienceinterested and stay watching which it is has in some way, but really having Nate hook up with cougars that may eventually be your best friends mom, please this isnt days of our lives this is the UES, no one does that (well hopefully not anyway). I hoppe that the writers read some of our comments ans see how confused and upset we are about this. Josh Safran has said that all the stories we have seen we all come together, I just like to know when. GGWriters are off the grid on twitter mayybe they are scared of us or sick of having the same questions asked by us….. Hopefully there will be some light or lots of light at the end of this season and all of our questions answered.

        • At 2012.02.18 20:21, Michael said:

          I don’t think I ever expressed how I felt about the kiss technically, but LMAO you’re right about me not getting how technically horrible it is. Maybe I just don’t care because the writers have made everyone and their mother (literally, including Lily) a complete idiot this season. Everyone is so easily manipulated that they are basically lobotomized zombies walking in any direction someone pushes them. Why wouldn’t Serena just talk to Dan once she figured out he liked their date (even though it wasn’t real, whatever). I feel like a better-written episode could have made the Dan and Blair kiss while having Serena walk in on them a much better twist somehow, but whatever.

          Going back to me expressing what I thought: I wrote Blair’s apology as “Whoops.” I mean, that’s basically what she said. Wouldn’t have been so bad if she wasn’t telling Serena that Dan loves her the entire night.

          • At 2012.02.18 20:49, Michael said:

            I replied to this earlier editing my mistake. I meant why wouldn’t BLAIR call SERENA. I know that Dan said he wanted her to setup a date without her knowing, but that doesn’t make any sense. And Blair would have realized this. Telling Serena that Dan liked her would have made her want to go to the party even MORE. And even if the writers needed Blair to be at the party, they could have EASILY made it at The Spectator. It makes no sense that Lola would not want to work where Nate works. They ended on good terms. I don’t understand anything. THIS SHOW IS MAKING MY HEAD HURT.

            • At 2012.02.18 21:07, Jane Rochester said:

              LOL! That makes more sense, but yes. Basically, nothing on the show makes sense anymore. I already feel the overarching story line of the back half of the season is LUDICROUS, but it would at least have some backbone to it if the details actually added up. I am stuck on Amber’s point that Georgina could have ended it all this week had she just released the kissing pic and THEN the wedding video. Why not? Other than simply because the season isn’t over yet?

              Oooh, btw! Finally commented on your photo recap!!

          • At 2012.02.19 00:00, Tiff said:

            “I can’t help but feel like in 5.24 there’s gonna be this one line that makes everything make sense..” THIS IS ME, lol. Of course I think the writing is crap, Blair’s OOC, Dan’s a douche, Chuck is flawless etc, but this all has to be for something SAY IT’S FOR SOMETHING, sigh. I sure hope so -.- Thanks for another great podcast!!! Boris <3

            • At 2012.02.19 12:32, Jane Rochester said:

              I am right there with you. Still holding on through all the hate just to (hopefully) make it to the part where they explain themselves!

            • At 2012.02.19 06:15, Rose said:

              OMG! I loved your postcast! İt entertained me more that the show itself.. Nothing makes sense on the show and everything came like out of a blue. İts stupid.. How can they expect us to believe what they tell on the show? Characters are changed in 180 degree.. there is a huge urge on writers side to protect Dan on every drama possible and even if he does something bad they give him the oportunity to come clean and never pay for it..LOL! the show is unbearable right now.. But Your podcastis awesome..thank you!

              BTW when you guys said Rufus buought a presnt for Lilly with Lilly’s money.. LOL! Thanx for noticing this. While watching that scene, I thought the same immediately.. How very trophy husband Rufus is! LOL!

              • At 2012.02.19 12:34, Jane Rochester said:

                This is the problem: character motivations no longer make sense or have any order to them. We can’t be expected to understand why our favorites are doing what they are doing, when they themselves don’t understand what’s going beyond a need to service the plot.

                And LOL, yes! Poor Rufus the House Husband.

              • At 2012.02.19 16:31, Amy said:

                Next week you should discuss Ed’s apparent on-off love for Jessica Whore…Jessica Zohr. Did I say that out loud? ;)

                • At 2012.02.19 16:48, Jane Rochester said:

                  Actually, we DID discuss Ed Westwick/Jessica Szohr this last podcast, I just cut it out for time, I think? Basically, Amber, Chelsea, Katie and I all love Jessica and Vanessa. We’re probably the only people in the fandom who do, haha. But, yeah, if Ed wants to do whatever he does with her, I’m happy for them both. :)

                  Thus, I have a feeling the majority of the fanbase would NOT want to hear our thoughts on her and her relationship with Ed, since they would be … positive.

                  • At 2012.02.19 23:13, Amy said:

                    Haha I see your point. I just don’t like the idea of her cheating on him. He seems like such a good guy and it’s just not fair to him. Hah, listen to me, as if I’m a factor in their lives! I need a life!

                    • At 2012.02.20 11:58, Jane Rochester said:

                      LOL, yeah… It’s hard without knowing the full story, but all I can say is that I hope everyone involved is happy. Whether that’s individually or together, haha.

                • At 2012.02.19 20:32, renae Kline said:

                  I have felt the same way as Katie on the scheming, it is a huge part of Chuck and Blair’s personality. I don’t see anything wrong with them scheming in business, which is their profession or against a Goergina or some type of anatagonist character. It is also part of the fun and drama in the show. Scheming and chair sex are imo make the show worth watching.

                  • At 2012.02.20 11:59, Jane Rochester said:

                    Let’s just hope Georgie actually gets BETTER at her scheming, so we can enjoy at least part of the show. ;)

                    • At 2012.02.24 12:38, Daisy Miller said:

                      Yes! I think the one thing that is key in their scheming, is something that goes back to S3 that Blair said to Chuck, that so long as they are not scheming against the other, they can be okay. They fell apart because they schemed without taking the other into account.

                    • At 2012.02.20 23:58, Suzy said:

                      After tonight’s wretched episode, I decided to listen to your podcast (my first time) and was so glad that I did. You made me feel better about the show in some weird way. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one hating everything that is happening! You guys are hysterical!

                      • At 2012.02.21 20:46, Jane Rochester said:

                        So glad we could help! <3 <3

                      • At 2012.02.21 20:36, J said:

                        No offense, Ms. Jane Rochester but I miss Felicity Waldorf’s posts. When will she grace this site again? And can you guys change the background of this website? Just a suggestion.

                        • At 2012.02.21 20:45, Jane Rochester said:

                          I’ll ask Daisy about changing the background, but if we did, it would probably just be of Blake/Ed/Chace and then everyone would complain. :P

                          As for Felicity, she’s around on the forums, she just doesn’t really watch the show anymore and thus doesn’t make posts. But I’ll ask her to make some for you! :)

                          • At 2012.02.22 14:27, Daisy Miller said:

                            None of us would take offense because we also miss Felicity’s posts. :( But, alas, she is very busy being happy with life and is free of her obsession with GG. GG, I wish I could also quit you! But I think she’ll be very happy to know she is missed, and I hope it prompts an insightful post on her part sometime soon.

                            As for the background, I would LOOOOOVE to change it! Got any ideas? Email them to me: daisy@gossipgirlsss.com. But, like, if I take the time to change the background, I’m going to need you to do my Human Anatomy homework. Is that an even trade?

                          • At 2012.02.24 14:27, MrsDexterHaven said:

                            You know, I listened to this again. I must tell you that I HAVE always thought Dan’s love for Blair is based on Serena. In season 4, Dan wanted to get back at Serena for not choosing him, so what did he do, he went straight for Vanessa. Well, then Serena did choose him, but was all interested in Boring Ben. So the Dan turned to Blair!! As you pointed out in the episode, Dan cast Lola as Blair. The closest possible thing to Serena.

                            Then let’s skip ahead to the writing competition. The part of Blair that Dan supported is the part of Serena he was always encouraged. The writing. I bet you anything this will make sense soon. I just won’t be for awhile.

                            I still think Dan should go screw himself and they should do Serenate instead, however if it gets Dan away from Blair, I can go with that for now.