Gossip Girl 5.15 Producer Preview – Setting up Friends is Always a Terrible Plan

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Josh Safran and the love of my Gossip GirlĀ life, Austin Winsberg, got together to talk about the Georgina – Blair -Nate of next Monday’s episode, “Crazy, Cupid Love.”



Georgina’s Crazy is the best kind! Her happy family unit in the midst of her evil plans is so adorable. We’re glad she realizes her scandals haven’t been up to par, though.

Oh, Blair, you little Cupid. We think you’re going to be in for a BIG surprise this Valentine’s Day. It sucks when trying to do something nice for a friend backfires on you, doesn’t it? That’s why communication is key, kids. Lessons from GG herself!

Nate’s in Love for the 20th time, and this time he means to get it right! We believe in you, Nate, even if we mourn the loss of your awesome sleuthing story line.

How do you guys feel about this V-day? Do you think it’ll put you in the mood for romance or make you want to yell at your boyfriend for everything he does wrong?


  • At 2012.02.09 06:14, ds said:

    they never did a v-day for CB :( they are love!

    Dan sent the blast, I knew it :)

    G is so fun to watch hehe

    • At 2012.02.10 01:33, IHeartBlairWaldorf said:

      I wish they did a B/C Valentine’s Day too! But… erm… They probably wouldn’t have been able to show it on TV.
      Baccanalia, anyone? xD