Gossip Girl 5.16 Sneak Peek – Serena & Blair Get Scenes When Locked in a Room Together

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Is anyone else as surprised as I am that we got a sneak peek just hours after the episode aired? Anyway, here goes:



Looks like Serena is still angry about Dan and Blair kissing, and Blair isn’t really sure why. Hopefully they can open their mouths and use them to communicate with real words that make sense. My only question is, what is Serena still doing there? I would have skedaddled to my mom’s or step-brother’s by now.


  • At 2012.02.14 19:10, Amy said:

    I swear to Gossip Girl, if they come to the conclusion that Blair wants to be with Hum Drum and Serena is fine with that, I will boycott this show forever. The writers are ruining this for me. :(

    • At 2012.02.15 13:47, grace said:

      ” A long time ago we used to be friends… ” The ballad of Blair and Serena.
      Trying not to cry.