Gossip Girl 5.17 Sneak Peek – Money Don’t Make Georgie’s World Go Round

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As Charlie and Charlie go head-to-head at Cece’s funeral (one of them loved her but has nothing to do with her, and the other one is her blood but hates them all!), Georgina Sparks reminds them that while everything looks like it’s about ze monies, it’s actually all about the power behind the secret that the money’s been covering up. LIFE LESSONS!



I cannot tell a lie, I am seriously excited about what Ivy and Lola might uncover with William van der Woodsen’s help. What is the Truth About Charlie, guys? A popular theory is, of course, that Lola is actually William’s daughter. Faking cancer might not be enough to get the Rhodes family to hate you, but incestuous adultery could maybe do the trick. But do we have any other options? What did Cece know, and what is Carol hiding?

Thoughts? Is the secret that lies beneath the death of our favorite matriarch enough to whet your appetite for more Gossip Girl next Monday? “The Princess Dowry” airs at 8/7c!

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  • At 2012.02.24 23:08, Richelle said:

    the canadian promo is out for 5×17….. please explain…… NOT HAPPY!!! all I can I say is WTF :( :( :( :( …. hopefully there was some dream sequence in there…