Gossip Girl 5.17 Sneak Peek & Producer Preview – When do DB get the Sex?

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It’s only Wednesday, and we’ve already got our goodies for next week. JOY TO THE WORLD! Alright, here’s what’s up:



Looks like Blair has finally found a way out of her contract just as Dan comes to take her to a family brunch with Chuck and Serena. If she contests the marriage contract, since it was signed in Monaco, maybe she and Dan won’t have to wait a year to consummate their burning passion for each other. Super happy for them, fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, Jake Coburn and Joshua Safran sit down to discuss the game-changer that will be 5.17:



Apparently both CB and DB fans should watch the episode, and the Gossip Girl world will be changed forever – or at least this triangle will be. Since we all know DB will be dating in the future, and Blair already chose Dan over Chuck last week, I’m not sure what the difference will be this week, but we’ll see!

Meanwhile, Chuck and Nate will get a little bromance time, and WILLIAM VAN DER WOODSEN RETURNS! What will he tell us about Cece’s will? How will he change Serena, Ivy and Lola’s lives? Something’s coming, and it is going to be …. good? great? painful? All we know is that every Upper East Side family will be altered. Or at least two of them will be, since we only ever see two of them.


  • At 2012.02.22 16:27, GGfan? said:

    Thanks – another *FUN* episode to skip/watch through my fingers. Ugh, this show! Also, I know it happens randomly, but how perfect are their faces in that producer preview video freeze-frame.

    • At 2012.02.22 16:45, Crissi said:

      Thanks you guys so much!
      How considerate of Dan to take Blair to show of their relationship in front of Chuck and Serena! *Sarcasm*
      OMG..Safran is so Jittery!

      • At 2012.02.22 16:46, Amy said:

        I say Chair fans don’t watch again to prove our point: if they want a season six, they grant our wish for Chair to happen again.

        • At 2012.02.22 17:31, Selma said:

          I completely agree with you! I won’t be watching it. According to the Ausellio spoiler this Ban nonsense is going to continue in the next episodes, so for us Chair shippers there won’t be anything worth watching anyway. GG has sunk so low, it’s making me sad. I used to be so excited about the show. I haven’t missed one episode of Gossip Girl until now. I’m glad that I didn’t watch the last episode and I definitely won’t be watching 5×17.
          By the way thank you girls for this wonderful website, for your podcasts and your great and witty comments! You cheer me up when the GG writers are bringing me down! So thank you!!!

          • At 2012.02.22 21:53, Amy said:

            I completely agree! Safran says their will be more drama in this little triangle crap for the episode, but the only reason is because he knows that he needs Chair shippers for the ratings to go up.

            • At 2012.02.23 01:48, Megan said:

              I don’t see many Chuck and Blair fans watching for a while. We didn’t last episode.

        • At 2012.02.22 18:40, grace said:

          IDGAF about Dan and Blair having or not sex because the Blair Waldorf that i used to know doesn’t exists anymore.So, make it happen. Nothing else matters and i think that’s the biggest problem with GG. It’s not the bad writting but Joshua Safran & Co. overreliance. The magical thinking they can do whatever they want because the show will never be canceled in spite of the worst ratings and other stupid myths.If they feel some kind of pressure, if the CW Network did not any warranty about a new season (13,22 or 24 episodes)we’d be watching a completely different Gossip Girl.

          • At 2012.02.23 01:47, Jane Rochester said:

            I’m with you on the let DB do whatever they want part of it. I am just waiting for Chuck and Serena to start singing some Jack’s Mannequin up in herre:
            “Release me, take another piece of me and there won’t be another left
            C’mon release me, release me take another piece of me
            And there won’t be another left unless you let go, unless you let go…”

            And then go find themselves a happier story line. :)

          • At 2012.02.22 19:28, BK said:

            Speaking for everyone else…. AWESOME!!!

            • At 2012.02.22 20:08, tuberculosis said:

              Yeah, this entire plotline is just…vile. I don’t even have the words. Dan and Blair make me want to vomit.

              • At 2012.02.23 01:48, Jane Rochester said:

                This is why we need more of your fanfiction IMMEDIATELY. We need you to give us something to enjoy in the meantime. <3

                • At 2012.02.23 17:54, tuberculosis said:

                  I would if I could, but the show has killed my inspiration. If I write a fic, it will be a fic where Chuck dies in the car accident. And Blair STILL doesn’t get with Dan. Cause the Blair I know would gasp in horror and disgust at the very thought.

              • At 2012.02.22 22:48, maryl said:

                Okay my favourite part of this was the post. “Super happy for them, fingers crossed!” Nearly made me fall over laughing.

                • At 2012.02.23 01:48, Jane Rochester said:

                  ROFL! It’s me doing my best to be nice. Did I succeed?!?!

                  • At 2012.02.23 06:21, Nina said:


                    I can’t wait … to watch PLL

                    Boa Sorte, GGW!

                • At 2012.02.23 00:54, Lesa said:

                  Great marketing strategy! They have just had their worst ratings ever while promoting this pair so what do they do show a sneak peak of them! Predicting that the only Chair scene will be Blair telling Chuck how terrible he is again and stop picking on Dan again and the episode will end with Dair having sex in Serena or Chuck’s room.

                  • At 2012.02.23 07:23, Samantha said:

                    GG wants me to have nightmares about DB. Who cares if they want to have sex or not. Hopefully they don’t. I had hopes for this season, but as always the producers and writers fail their fans.

                    • At 2012.02.23 11:46, Amber said:

                      Despite all the awfulness that will be in this episode, I must say…HOW PERFECT ARE CHUCK AND NATE?! Chuck making Nate’s cappuccino while telling him about the video. Their flawlessness makes me so happy. Please don’t ruin this, writers!

                      • At 2012.02.23 13:12, lucy said:

                        if there changing the dynamic of the love triangle forever.. and we know DB keep dating at least for a while.. surely that means chair ends forever.. thats all it could mean :| and a big big secret will come out? knowing gossip girl they will probably make chuck and blair related thats how they tried to kill dan and serena..?

                        • At 2012.02.23 19:46, anon75 said:

                          I think the Life changing secret has nothing to do with the ‘love triangle’ and more to do with say…Ivy getting CeCe’s fortune, rather than Lily…or William Vanderwoodsen revealing that Lola is HIS daughter too, or something more along that line. ;)

                          • At 2012.02.23 19:57, Jane Rochester said:

                            YES! You think Lola is William’s daughter, too?! I LOVE/HATE THIS THEORY. It’s the only thing that fits that weird “Truth about Charlie” that Carol foreshadowed way back in 5.09. Because, I mean, otherwise? Why would we care about the fact that she lies about where she goes to school or whatever?

                            I just hate that Serena’s going to have to deal with more of her family’s lies. My bb needs a hug (from someone other than her fake-cancer-producing father)!

                        • At 2012.02.23 17:55, tuberculosis said:

                          I do want to see Chuck/Nate and Chuck/Serena scenes, though.

                          • At 2012.02.23 19:39, badlilgal said:

                            Based on just the looks of those two producers…it won’t be Dan and Blair having sex…but Dan, Chuck, and Nate in a gay threesome. :P